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call me sam
freelance artist, ive been teaching myself how to draw thick ass lines for like 6 years the least you can do is give me a yeehaw
my commissions are open all the time

Sam @CommodoreBeeps

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Digital Artist


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Demoncyborg’s Commissions

  • Half body - $17 [+$15 per extra character]
  • Full body - $25 [+$20 per extra character]
Flat color
  • Half body - $20 [+$15 per extra character]
  • Full body - $30 [+$20 per extra character]
Full color
  • Half body - $30 [+$20 per extra character]
  • Full body - $45 [+$30 per extra character]
  • Front back & side - $60

Additional things

NSFW Pricing

  • Nudity - +%15 of total price [example, $17 becomes $20]
  • Sexual acts - +%20 of total price [example, $60 becomes $72]

Alternate versions [must be requested before payment]

  • +$5 for small clothing/character changes 

[removing a helmet or article of clothing]

  • +$10 or more for anything larger 

[different outfit, big physical change]

Not having a drawn reference*

  • +$5 if you only have an unconventional visual ref 

[in game character, sprites, ect.]

  • +$10 if you have no visual reference
  • +$20 if you want help designing your character

*The reason this is here is because during the sketch and coloring I'll likely have to make many changes to fit how you’d like your character.

If you have a drawn image of your character, you likely won’t have to worry about any of this.

I will not draw:
  • Underaged characters
  • Racist, sexist, or transphobic imagery, actions or text.
  • I won’t replicate other styles
  • If you’re unsure about anything, just ask.
I will draw:
  • Furries
  • Robots
  • Armor
  • Just about anything!

I will send pictures of the sketch and lineart as I go unless specifically requested not to. During the sketch you are fully permitted to ask for big changes, but once I move to lineart or coloring, please try to keep it small, or I will have to deny or add additional costs.

Contact information

Discord: Demoncyborg#3000 (Very much preferred method of contact)

Twitter: @Commodorebeeps

E-mail: Demoncyborg@outlook.com

Paypal is required, and payment must be up front. I will send you an invoice once the commission is agreed upon.

I will not refund unless I haven’t drawn anything yet or a problem was encountered during payment.

For more examples, visit my twitter, newgrounds, or deviantart.

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